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Brenda White has successfully worked in the field of Holistic Hypnotherapy for over 18 years. A Holistic Hypnotherapist is comprehensively trained in Hypnotherapy together with additional skills such as NLP techniques.

I am also qualified in Past Life Regression Therapy, Life Coaching, Reiki and EFT. Over the years I continued with my professional development by receiving further training in Spiritual Regression, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Releasement and Spiritual Healing through the NFSH.


Professional Memberships
G.H.R. Reg.  -   Member General Hypnotherapy Register
M.I.A.P.L.T   Member International Association of Past Life Therapists

S.Q.H.P.  -  Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GHSC)
Dip H. Hyp  -  Diploma in Holistic Hypnotherapy
R.P.H.H.  -   Registered Practitioner of Holistic Hypnotherapy  
Smoking Cessation Masterclass Certificate
Cert P.L.T.  -   Certified Past Life Therapist
Certificate in Life Coaching (NCFE)
Diploma in Life Coaching (NCFE)
Reiki Practitioner
EFT CC - EFT Practitioner
EFT ADV - Advanced EFT Practitioner
NFSH Spiritual Healer Member




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