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There are many different techniques in carrying out Past Life Regression Therapy. In most cases hypnosis is used to induce the client into a relaxed state. Once in hypnosis different techniques are used depending on the needs of each client.

For example, some people want find out if they have known someone in a previous life. Others have a problem they wish to be resolved or to find out what is their real purpose in this life.

Each session can be recorded at no extra charge onto a CD on request

The main aim of Past Life Therapy is locating and then resolving root causes of problems that result from unfinished business from a Past Life. Strong likes, dislikes, phobias, relationship problems, recurring negative behaviour/thought patterns, unexplained physical pain etc, can often stem from past life experiences. It focuses on thoughts, emotions, or physical feelings linked to situations where non-productive judgements and conclusions are made that are then carried over to the present life.

It is not necessary to believe in re-incarnation for the therapy to be successful, because the source of the problem may be found in a past life or in the past of the present life such as in early childhood.

It is not the purpose of Past Life Therapy to verify the existence of a past life or to gather historical information.
 However, information will arise of its own accord during a session and the client may try to validate this if they wish. I am always happy to receive feedback.

Why are we here?

This is one question we probably all ask ourselves at some point in our life. This question can often be answered with Past Life Therapy because lessons can be carried over from lifetime to lifetime until we get it right.

So if you can find out what your lessons are, then you obviously have more chance of getting it right this time round!


Two of my past life case histories are featured in the book

"Past Life Angels" by Jenny Smedley

Please note that since publication, my contact details listed at the back of the book have changed.
Email address bwhite@uk-therapists.net and www.bwhite.uk-therapists.net are no longer in use.



Spiritual Regression which is also known as Life Between Life

  • discover your true spiritual path

  • meet your spirit guide

  • meet highly evolved spirits of light

  • find out why you chose this life

  • meet your soul group

  • plus much more


A Spiritual Regression is a much deeper and longer session than a Past Lives session that can last up to 4 hours for which the fee is £140. It is not the purpose of a Spiritual Regression to resolve issues and to have this type of regression you must have also successfully  experienced hypnosis before. Therefore I recommend you have a Past Life Regression or Hypnotherapy first.

Having a Spiritual Regression can be a life changing experience where you will discover your soul purpose and be given valuable guidance from the spirits of light.

To pay for your session by credit/debit card please visit my prices page.

Any queries Click Here

Life Between Lives can be an enlightening follow on from Past Life Therapy where you can explore the spirit realms in depth where you will:-

I am always happy to give a free no obligation 1/2 hour initial consultation to evaluate your suitability for Past Life Regression Therapy or Spiritual Regression and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I make an appointment or request further information?
A Telephone
07719 383680 or send an Email with your name, address & phone number to: - info@brendawhite.co.uk

Q How much does it cost per session and how can I pay?
A You may pay cash or cheque or if you wish to pay by credit/debit card through PayPal just visit my prices page.

Q How do I know if you are a genuine Hypnotherapist/Past Life Therapist?
A Go to my home page and click on the links under Professional Memberships or click on any of the Professional Membership Logo's at the bottom of this page

Q How many sessions will I need?
A That is entirely up to you, you may find out what you need in one session or you may wish to explore it further. However, further exploration usually gives a wider aspect and may uncover other issues that need to be addressed for full healing to take place.

Q What if I was a terrible person in a past life?
A All experiences are there for a reason so lessons can be learned from negative as well as positive experiences.

Q Is it possible I was a member of the opposite sex?
A Yes, we have all been both at some point because it is all part of the learning process. However, many souls tend to prefer one to the other so will incarnate more often as that particular type.

Q Is it possible I was my own grandfather/grandmother?
A Yes, souls tend to re-incarnate in groups, often within the same family.

Q Do I only have one soul-mate?
A No, we incarnate in soul groups, so any one of that group could be a soul-mate.

Q Did I choose my own parents?
A Yes, before this incarnation we all chose key factors in our lives which are based on what we need to learn, but there is never only one path, there are many different potentialities. We all still have choice and freewill.

Q Is my worst enemy someone I hurt in a previous life?
A Not necessarily, if they were someone you hurt, then it is not punishment but a lesson you chose to learn.



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